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About Us

In November 2007 our university entered a collaboration with distinguished overseas Japanologists to spread the word in an organised way about the cultural and historical resources of Tokyo (known as Edo before 1868). The project was Christened "The International Asakusa Research Project", and spans the humanities and other academic fields to create economic growth by spreading and deepening the awareness of the Old Town in the East of Tokyo - in many ways the cultural centre of the city.

The new Tokyo-Edo Radio Project - the focus of this site - will enhance our presentation and make it more accessible. It adds a new dimension to Tokyo's Old Town and reaches out to international researchers and the intellectually curious via rich audio presentations in the comfort of your living room, or on your mobile player in the streets of the Old Town itself.

Prof. Dr. ITODA Soichiro
Project Leader
Meiji University, Tokyo

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Tokyo-Edo Radio Project は明治大学、世界中の日本学者、そして台東区との協賛から生まれました。



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